When it came to the success of his business and the key differentiator behind his continued growth, Peter Gibson from Mt Nathan Winery puts it down to producing a product specific to his target market that no one "in the world can match".

Peter speaks about the payment side of the business being 'crucial' to his success and the switch to UnionPay being important to growth as it allowed him to cater to his unique customer's needs. He explains, "we went from 100% Aussie tourists to now 90% of tourists coming from Asia". Adopting UnionPay made it easier for his customers to order wine through methods familiar to them and in turn provided him with access to a lucrative online market 270 million strong and growing.

Peter has high praise for NAB and says "the relationship with NAB is first class because they understand where we are heading, they understand the Chinese market". He says that continued support is important for future success as his winery experiences unprecedented growth. Only a few years ago he says his business was shipping half a container a year and now it’s shipping at least one container a month.

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