Customer Case Study - GV Constructions WA

We visit Perth to meet Astrid Vasile on the construction site of one of her home building projects.

Astrid moved to Australia in 1998, having had a busy career across the Asia Pacific, predominantly in aviation. It was here that she met her husband Gino and joined him as a partner of building company GV Constructions WA. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength and they now build 40 houses a year.

Here she reflects on how she came into a new country and a new industry and set-about training to become a registered builder and details the success she has achieved since, including being awarded WA Business Partner of the Year in 2009.

Astrid is passionate about the relationships you have in business, something reflected by her work in the business community as a mentor. You can also find out more about Astrid's business journey at NAB's Business Research and Insights website.

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