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Interest calculated daily on every dollar

No transaction or monthly account fees

Different options to suit your savings goals

No minimum or opening balance

Reach your savings goals sooner.

Bonus interest paid when you make one deposit and no withdrawals a month.

Base rate still paid if you make a withdrawal.

Enjoy convenient online access to your savings.

Bonus interest for four months on new accounts (up to $1m).

$0 monthly account fee.

Ideal account for managing your investment cash flow (including SMSF).

Flexible access to your money.

Competitive interest rate on every dollar.

No monthly account or NAB transaction fees.

Manage your account

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Interest rates, fees and charges

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Financial hardship

If you're finding it difficult to make repayments we may be able to offer you assistance.

Opening your account

Everything you need to know before opening your account.

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