Rates and fees

  • 0

    monthly account fees, ever

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    overdrawn fees

  • 0

    direct charge at NAB ATMs or RediATMs

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  • Use our network (including rediATMs) to avoid ATM fees.
  • Owners of other ATM networks may charge you for using their ATMs. If they do, you’ll see a message and you can quit before you’re charged.

Overseas ATMs

There are fees for using ATMs overseas:

    $5 per withdrawal.

    $1 per balance enquiry.

There’s also a 3% fee on the Australian dollar transaction amount for cash withdrawals or purchases in currencies other than Australian dollars.

See all our Interest rates, fees and charges personal products.

Benefits and features

Save on fees

  • No monthly account fees, ever. And no minimum deposits.

Unlimited access to your money

  • NAB Internet Banking.
  • NAB Telephone Banking.
  • Any NAB branch.
  • Our ATM network (including rediATMs).
  • An optional chequebook.
  • The option to add a personal overdraft for those times you need a little extra cash.

Access your money easily

  • Shop wherever Visa’s accepted using your own money with a NAB Visa Debit card.

Make quick secure purchases

  • Pay for smaller purchases under $100 quickly and securely using Visa payWave.

Protection against fraud with NAB Defence

  • The security of your accounts is as important to us as it is to you. NAB Defence is our security promise to you.

Before you apply

You need to be 18 or over to apply online.

You must be a permanent Australian resident.

Your basic personal and contact details.

Have your tax file number (TFN) handy or we may have to collect withholding tax.

Apply now for your transaction account

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