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NAB Equity Lending is the choice of thousands of Australian investors who're using borrowed funds to increase their investment portfolio.

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NAB Equity Builder

A new gearing solution

NAB Equity Builder is a new lending solution that allows an investor to tailor a principal and interest loan to acquire managed investments.

More about our equity builder.

NAB Super Lever

A limited recourse margin loan for SMSFs

NAB Equity Lending has launched a limited recourse margin loan, designed specifically for Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

By using NAB Super Lever, you can potentially benefit from gearing inside a lower tax environment, while still getting access to the same types of investments available in a standard margin loan.

More about NAB Super Lever.

Gearing solutions

If you're interested in borrowing to invest, NAB Equity Lending offers solutions both inside and outside of a SMSF.

More about our gearing solutions.

New to margin lending?

A margin loan enables you to borrow to invest in selected shares and managed funds. By enabling you to invest more money, you can potentially improve your investment returns and reach your financial goals sooner.

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