Estate Administration Advisory Service

The passing of a loved one, friend or close business associate is a very difficult time in every person's life. You not only have to deal with your own bereavement and the grief and bewilderment of family members, but you might also find yourself taking on the role of executor of the deceased's estate.

The first question you may ask yourself is - will I be able to cope?

You may feel that it would help to have some guidance in handling the complexities involved in the administration of a deceased estate. Most people in your position feel the same way. Many feel that as they were chosen for this special role, they must attend to the task on their own.

Others, however, feel that they are ill-equipped to deal with all aspects of the executor's role yet want to ensure they attend to the responsibilities correctly and so seek professional help. You shouldn't feel guilty about this. Help is at hand.

You can contact National Australia Trustees Limited and speak to one of our experienced and understanding staff by calling us or by sending an email.