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Rate Home Loan
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Simple home loan with a low rate and no monthly fees

Fully featured home loan (either variable or fixed rate)

Flexible line of credit for personal use

Flexible line of credit with up to 12 sub-accounts5

Feature Low fees Flexibility Wealth creation Building Wealth

Rates and fees

Interest rate View interest rate View interest rate View interest rate View interest rate
Interest rate options

Variable, variable interest only, split

Fixed, variable, split, interest only

Line of Credit?

Line of Credit? - Fixed and variable rates

Service fee


$8 per month

$250 p.a.

$550 p.a.

Application fee? $600(see offer) $600(see offer) $600(see offer) $0

Features – variable rate loans

100% offset?   Yes   Yes7
Redraw? Yes Yes    
Building conditions

Features – lines of credit

Withdraw funds     Yes 1 Yes 1

Repayment options

Additional repayment ? Yes Yes 2 Yes Yes 2
Repayment holiday? Yes Yes    

Features – all home loans

Family guarantee? Yes Yes    
for self employed
more info
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available as
part of
more info
  Yes Yes  
loan to property value?
Up to 95%4 Up to 95%4 90%4 90%4
  NAB Base Variable
Rate Home Loan
NAB Tailored
Home Loan
NAB Flexiplus
NAB Portfolio
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Additional information

  1. Withdrawals at any time up to the approved limit.
  2. Economic costs may be payable if additional repayments are greater than $20,000 or full repayment is made during a fixed rate period.
  3. Service fee only payable when limit utilisation for the month falls below 80% at any time during that month
  4. Maximum 90% for investment loans. LMI payable for LVR greater than 80% 
  5. Available only via NAB Portfolio Package or Private Portfolio Package
  6. Available on interest only loans for 1 or 2 years
  7. Available on variable rate sub accounts only

Home loan glossary

Application fee

A fee paid by a borrower for setting up a loan. Application fees are not payable for Packages.

100% offset

Helps reduce interest costs on a loan by linking the loan to a transaction or deposit account. The balance in the transaction account ‘offsets’ the loan principal. Interest is then calculated on the loan principal minus the balance in the account. For example, if the principal on the loan is $180,000 and there is $5000 in the transaction account, then interest is only calculated on $175,000.


A loan feature that allows the withdrawal of funds paid in advance if the borrower is far enough ahead of their scheduled repayments.

Line of credit

A fully functional transaction account that has a credit limit attached to it. The borrower can generally withdraw funds at any time, up to the credit (or facility) limit. (If the credit limit is attached to more than one account, the borrower may only be able to draw up to the account limit on each account.) There is usually no fixed repayment schedule; however, the borrower is usually required to make payments to at least cover the interest and fees on the loan.

Repayment holiday

If a borrower is ahead in their repayments, they can apply for a break in making loan repayments.

Additional repayment

An extra repayment made to a loan, outside of the scheduled repayments.

Family guarantee

A promise by a third party (eg. family member) to meet a borrower's payment obligations if they are unable to pay.

Building conditions apply

Allows for a NAB home loan to be used when building a new house or renovating a house. The loan allows for the money to be progressively accessed (drawn down) as the building progresses. BICOE functionality is available on selected variable rate loans.

Maximum loan to property value

The total amount of the loan divided by the appraised value of the property. For example, if a property is valued at $300,000 and the loan amount is $240,000 then the LVR is 80%.