Rates and fees

  • 13.39

    variable rate (for new loans only)1

  • 14.26

    variable comparison rate2

  • 13.89

    fixed rate (for new loans only)

  • 14.76

    fixed comparison rate2

More rates and fees information

  • Application fee - $150.
  • Monthly fee - $10.
  • Exit fee - $0.

Benefits and features

Conditional approval

Still searching for the right car? Get upfront conditional approval for up to 3 months when you apply online4.

  • Having your finances sorted can help you negotiate a better deal, and give you confidence that you can borrow what you need and afford your repayments.
  • To provide Conditional Approval we’ll need to complete a credit check, which will be recorded on your credit file. Apply now.

Before you apply

After you apply

Apply now for your car loan

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