Our Australian financial hardship team, NAB Assist, supports customers in financial distress and makes it easier for them to get back on their feet.

If times are tough and you’re struggling to make repayments, find out how NAB Assist can provide you with relief during this time.

Addressing the link between mental health and financial stress

We recognise that financial vulnerability can be a contributor or consequence of mental health issues and that those facing financial hardship or awaiting decisions on claims for income protection or disability support payments are among those most at risk. As well as offering customised financial solutions, NAB have centralised an online list of free resources which can provide support and information for those experiencing financial difficulty. For further information, please go to our Customer Care Kit.

Assisting customers

NAB Assist have worked to improve the way we communicate with financially vulnerable customers. This ensures that our employees have the appropriate support and training to engage customers facing financial hardship with understanding and respect. NAB Assist know financial vulnerability can happen to anyone at any time and are there to support those dealing with tough times.

Disaster relief assistance

We have a long history of supporting communities impacted by natural disasters and other extreme events through our Natural Disaster Relief Framework.

In times of crisis we want our people and the communities affected to know that we are there to assist them.

We do this in a number of ways:

1. Natural Disaster Relief Package

Which can include

  • suspending home and personal loan repayments
  • waiving costs and charges for withdrawing term deposits early
  • waiving home loan and personal loan fees and charges
  • credit card and personal loan relief where appropriate
  • support to restructure other existing bank facilities

2. NAB Community Relief Fund

Small grants available to local community organisations that have lost infrastructure and/or assets in the disaster, or are directly servicing the needs of disaster impacted communities.

3. Crisis support for employees and customers

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all staff and direct family members.

We also offer customer support and counselling through EAP.

For more information and assistance, customers can complete an online enquiry, visit their local branch, contact their banker directly or call NAB Assist's dedicated team on 1800 701 599

BNZ Future Hub

More than two years after the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, there was uncertainty and frustration in Canterbury where less than 20% of NZ$40 billion insurance claims had been settled. In September 2013, BNZ responded by establishing the Future Hub, a dedicated team at a physical outlet to provide assistance to Cantabrians (including those relocated anywhere in New Zealand). As at September 2015, the Future Hub has helped more than 5,200 New Zealanders. Of these, 690 have been non-BNZ customers. The Future Hub co-locates residential banking specialists with an earthquake support team and experienced Credit Managers to provide a one-stop shop for Cantabrians dealing with earthquake-related issues. Its people work with expert industry partners including CERA’s Residential Advisory Service, Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service, insurance experts from IAG, AON and EQC, independent legal professionals, chartered accountants, and a project management firm

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