NAB customers only

You'll need to be a NAB customer to complete this form (as will the other applicant if this is a joint application).

NAB login required

You'll need to know your NAB ID and password as you'll be asked to verify this within the form.

15 minutes

This form typically takes 15 minutes to complete. Have all your information ready as you can't stop and restart the application.

Conditional approval is a step forward in the home buying journey. It shows agents and vendors you're the real deal. And it lets you search and bid for a property with confidence.

A conditional approval means it’s likely we’ll give you final approval unless we find that:

  • Your personal or financial details are different from what you’ve told us (or we can’t verify what you’ve told us is true)
  • The security isn’t sufficient or otherwise acceptable for the loan
  • The type of loan we’ve conditionally approved for you isn’t suitable for your needs

What we’ll ask you:

We’ll ask about your income, assets and ability to service a loan. Specifically:

  • Your finances (income, expenses, what you own, what you owe)
  • The property you’re planning to buy (if you’ve already found one)
  • Your current and previous employment details

We’ll also ask for an email address, and drivers licence, both of which you will need to proceed with this form.

This form will take between 15 and 20 mins to complete. Try to have all this information ready before you start the form as you can’t continue an application once you exit. If this is a joint application, you also need to have both the applicants in the room as you will both need to log into internet banking to complete the form.

Who can apply?

You can apply using this form if:

  • you’re an individual Australian citizen or permanent resident for tax purposes, who is an existing NAB customer aged 18 or older with personal NAB Internet Banking access ; and
  • you meet our requirements in ‘Your loan and property’ below and our standard lending criteria;

Who can’t apply?

You can’t apply using this form if:

  • there’s more than two applicants; .
  • you're not an Australian resident for tax purposes;
  • you're a US citizen;
  • you're a tax resident of any other country outside of Australia;
  • you’re applying on behalf of a company or trust
  • you’re self-employed or a, NAB Private Client or NAB Business Banking customer.
  • you’ve had:
    • difficulty making loan repayments in the past two years
    • bankruptcy or financial judgment take place
    • attachment or legal proceedings occur
  • foresee changes to your job, income or expenses in the next 12 months

If you don’t think you meet our criteria,– we’ll still be able to help you with your home loan application. Please call us on 13 40 83, or visit your nearest NAB branch. By clicking on the 'Apply now online' button below, you confirm that you meet the above eligibility criteria.

Your loan and property

  • The conditional approval loan assessment is based on a NAB Tailored Variable Rate Home Loan with principal and interest repayments. If you have conditional approval, you may be able to take out a different loan option instead (for example, an interest only loan). But you’d need to talk to us first as the loan type can affect our decision.
  • You also must be able to self-fund all fees and charges connected to your purchase and the loan (other than LMI). If you want to use your loan to pay for these, you’ll need to speak to a banker first as this may influence our decision.
  • The security used in this application must be the property you are wishing to purchase (i.e it can’t be another property you own).
  • Your loan must be to buy an existing (i.e already built and not off-the-plan) property that’s at least 50 square metres. It can’t be a serviced apartment, rural lifestyle property, group of flats, specialised accommodation or National Rental Serviceability Scheme residence).

We will use information in your online conditional application to contact you to see if we can help you further with your application for a NAB home loan or answer any questions you may have about NAB home loans.