Product guides and support

Whether it’s for a bank account, credit card, home loan, term deposit or one of our other personal banking products, we’ve got helpful online guides and support.

Bank account support

Help to manage your accounts and everyday banking tasks.

  • Update your account details and settings online.

  • Set up online banking with the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.

  • Make payments and transfers online.

  • Set up direct debits from your account.

Credit card support

Help to manage a new or existing credit card.

  • Set up a new card and PIN.

  • Learn how to avoid interest and fees and pay your credit card.

  • Update your credit card details and make changes to your account.

  • Block a lost or stolen card.

Home loan support

Help to manage your home loan.

  • Set up and manage your home loan repayments.

  • Set up and manage your offset account or use your redraw facility.

  • Update your personal details online.

  • Estimate your home loan repayments as interest rates change.

Term deposit support

Help to manage your term deposit.

  • Make changes to your term deposit.

  • Access your money before maturity.

  • Renew your term deposit.

  • Find our current term deposit interest rates.

NAB Now Pay Later support

Help to manage NAB Now Pay Later.

  • Set up NAB Now Pay Later account.

  • Make NAB Now Pay Later repayments.

  • Add NAB Now Pay Later to your digital wallet.

  • Learn more about how NAB Now Pay Later works.

Need help with business banking? Take a look at our help and support for business products and services.

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