NAB Equity Builder is an investment loan that works like a home loan,

and allows investors to acquire managed funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

A few reasons

To choose equity builder

Potentially powerful way to invest more upfront

Have more money to invest in financial assets from day one


Grow wealth

An alternative way to invest and build wealth

Long term mindset

Suitable for investors with a long term investment horizon

NAB Equity Builder – an alternative to way to invest

Saving for a house deposit or the kid’s education can be tough. Find out how borrowing to invest in managed investments could help you achieve your financial goals

There are many ways to build wealth. Most people are familiar with borrowing money to invest as a wealth strategy. It's how we buy property. You save a deposit and then borrow the rest to purchase a property, but did you know you can also borrow money to invest in financial assets?

NAB Equity Builder is an investment loan that allows you to borrow money to invest in managed investments, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and listed investment companies (LICs).

Interest rates

Variable interest rate p.a. Special rate^
7.05% 5.05%

^The special offer rate is a 2% discount off the standard variable rate and is available for the life of the loan.

Standard variable interest rates correct as at 1 October 2018.


Professional managed investments

This is a simple solution for investors wanting access to both professional expertise and diversification. Managed investments are managed by professional fund managers – they manage the day to day and decide when to buy and sell on your behalf, so you don’t have to.


Select from over 950+ managed investments like managed funds, exchange traded funds and listed investment companies.

All of these have inherent diversification so your investments are spread across a range of industries, sectors, countries and asset classes.


The managed investments bought / contributed as part of the Equity Builder facility will be held as loan security.


Customise your investment loan program to suit your investment goals. Select your preferred investments, starting loan amount (minimum $10k) and time frame to repay the loan (anywhere from 3 – 10 years).

Disciplined savings program for investment goals

As with any principal & interest loan there will be repayments over a period of time. This forces you to be smarter and careful with your money.

Financial assets that can grow in value over time

At the end of the loan term you’ll own 100% of the acquired investment portfolio. Keep your financial asset as an income stream, cash out, or use the profits to further invest.

Risks to consider

Investments may be sold

If you’ve got a mortgage, the bank has an interest in your home until you pay off your loan. The same applies with managed investments. With a NAB Equity Builder investment loan, the bank controls and holds your investments as security until the end of the loan term. Monthly repayments are required. If a repayment is missed then a portion of loan assets (the investments used to secure the loan) may be sold. For example, if you miss a repayment of $500, then $500 worth of investments may be sold. This may also have capital gains tax consequences.

Falling interest rates

This may place a greater burden on your other sources of available cash.

Increasing interest rates

If interest rates rise, it may result in your monthly loan interest payments (in combination with your monthly principal repayment obligation) being greater than what you originally budgeted for.

Changes to approved investment lists

If one of your investments is removed from the approved list, you may need to switch to another investment. The sale of an existing investment may have capital gains tax consequences.

Sharemarket volatility

Investing in the sharemarket (domestically and overseas) carries risk and requires a long term focus, as many variables can cause short term fluctuations; both down and up.

Borrowing to invest can be an effective wealth building strategy, but can introduce another level of risk. It magnifies the impact on your equity of increases and decreases in your portfolio.

More information on equity lending

Interest rates

View interest rates for NAB Equity Builder.

Approved investments

Our list includes a broad range of managed funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Forms and resources

Access forms and brochures you’ll need to read and understand before applying.

Articles, video and podcast

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Important information

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All rates are subject to change. All variable debit interest rates are effective from 1 October 2018. All credit interest rates are effective from 1 October 2018. Fees and charges may apply. Full details of these and the relevant terms and conditions are available on application. For further information and current interest rates go to or contact NAB Equity Lending on 1300 135 145.

^The special rate is a 2% discount off the standard variable rate. The discount will apply for the life of the loan, or until varied or withdrawn by NAB.

This page is not a substitute for reading the NAB Equity Builder Facility Terms and Product Brochure. NAB is the issuer of NAB Equity Builder and recommends you consider the Facility Terms before making any decisions.

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