Our commitment to customers and employees

At NAB we're committed to achieving sustainable performance and delivering value to our customers and stakeholders, without compromising our values and trusted reputation.

NAB's Code of Conduct outlines the standards of responsibility and ethical conduct that are expected of every NAB employee (permanent and temporary), as well as contractors, consultants and directors.

We believe that all our customers and employees should be treated with respect and dignity, and we require all our employees to behave ethically and responsibly in accordance with our Code and to cultivate appropriate business behaviours across the organisation.

National Australia Bank Ltd Code of Conduct (PDF, 2MB), opens in new window

National Australia Bank Ltd Code of Conduct (DOC, 52KB), opens in new window

Reporting breaches of the code

All employees are encouraged to speak up and report any suspected breaches of the Code. Any concerns about possible breaches of the Code or other NAB policies, or serious instances of undesirable business conduct, can be raised via an employee’s People Leader, through NAB's People Division, or through KPMG’s FairCall, a service available to all employees as part of NAB’s Whistleblower Program.

Our Whistleblower Program

NAB is committed to a Speak Up culture where everyone feels welcome, included, and empowered to express views, opinions, and concerns.

As part of this commitment, we have established the Group Whistleblower Program as a safe and confidential channel for raising concerns about potential wrongdoing. The Group Whistleblower Program is available to all employees (including all directors, officers, employees, former employees, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors and agents of the Group) and subsidiaries across our operations.

Our Group Whistleblower Protection Policy (PDF, 572KB), opens in new window sets out how to make a report, how we support and protect whistleblowers, and how reports are investigated. We are committed to the protection of those making genuine disclosures and will not tolerate victimisation or reprisal action against those who speak up.

Concerns about potential wrongdoing can be raised with the KPMG FairCall Service, an independently monitored external hotline and reporting service.

The Group Whistleblower Protection Policy and Group Whistleblower Program are part of the Group Corporate Governance and Risk Framework. Overall governance and oversight of the Group Whistleblower Program is undertaken by the Board Audit Committee and the Group Whistleblower Committee as set out in the Group Whistleblower Protection Policy (PDF, 572KB).

KPMG FairCall Service

The FairCall Service is an independently monitored external hotline and reporting service operated for the NAB Group by KPMG. Concerns about potential wrongdoing can be reported, anonymously if preferred, to the FairCall Service by telephone on 1800 874 979 , web https://www.faircalldisclosure.kpmg.com.au/nab, opens in new window , or email faircallnab@kpmg.com.au.

Full contact details for all channels and countries are available in the Group Whistleblower Protection Policy (PDF, 572KB), opens in new window.

Important information

The Code includes material accessible to NAB internally, and accordingly, some elements are not directly accessible to an external audience. To obtain a hard copy of the National Australia Bank Code of Conduct, and the relevant Policies that support the Code, please contact the NAB People Advisory Centre on 1300 662 091 or via email on People.Advisory.Centre@nab.com.au