What is a joint account?

A joint account is a bank account that has more than one owner. By applying online, you agree that all owners can access the money independently, so you can each do online banking or have your own card (if you have a joint transaction account). You can open both everyday and savings accounts as joint accounts at NAB, including: 

  • NAB Classic Banking account

  • NAB iSaver

  • NAB Reward Saver

  • NAB Term Deposit

You can also apply for a joint Retirement Account by visiting us in branch. 

Keep in mind that you can’t add your name to someone else’s account to make it a joint account. A new account will need to be opened for it to be joint.

Apply today for a NAB Classic Banking account

An everyday bank account that gives you easy access to your money.

Features of a joint bank account

  • Each owner can have their own debit card (when linked to a transaction account).

  • Each owner will have their own NAB ID to set up internet banking so you can manage your accounts easily online and in the NAB app.

  • You can easily manage bills and expenses.

  • You can create joint savings goals and reach them faster together.

  • You’ll have better visibility over joint spending and saving.

Things to consider before you apply

It’s important that you discuss your financial goals and spending habits together before you apply to work out whether a joint account is right for you. You should also consider if you should keep separate bank accounts. Keep in mind, all owners of the account will have access to the money you deposit into the account.

Some things you should discuss and agree on before you apply are:

  • how much is deposited
  • how often each person makes a deposit
  • what expenses get paid out of the joint account
  • what your savings goals are
  • how the account can be used (do both people have to authorise transactions, or just one).

How to apply

You can apply online if both applicants meet these criteria:

  1. You're at least 14 years old (over 18 years old if you want to apply for a NAB Term Deposit).
  2. You’re an Australian resident for tax purposes.

If you don’t meet these criteria, or want to open a joint NAB Retirement account, we may be able to open a joint account for you in branch.

  • All parties will need to go to the branch together to open the account.

Important Information