Our website and internet banking work best if your computer or device meets these minimum specifications:

Internet browser
  • Google Chrome (latest version and version minus last)
  • Internet explorer® V11
  • Safari 10.0+
  • FirefoxTM (latest version and version minus last)
  • Microsoft Edge 15
Mobile browser
  • Safari 9.0+
  • Chrome mobile browser (latest version and version minus last)
  • Samsung default browser 4.0
Screen resolution
  • We support 320px and above

You might want to download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

For security reasons it’s a good idea to install updates on your phone when they’re available.


Some operating system and browser combinations work better with our website's accessibility features.

Business banking: System requirements for NAB Connect

To get the most out of NAB Connect we recommend you meet these minimum system requirements:

  • Internet Explorer® 11 or above
  • Firefox™
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari 8 or above

NOTE: NAB Connect will not be supported by Safari version 6 & 7 and Internet Explorer 9 & 10 as of 20 November 2017. Customers logging in with these browsers will see a warning message on the login screen.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or above and are still seeing this warning message, make sure compatibility mode is turned off.

To access NAB Connect from 20 November 2017, ensure you upgrade to one of the supported browsers listed above. You may need to engage your IT support to assist you with this.

Find out more about the NAB Connect System Requirements.


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