What our communities have achieved

NAB Foundation funds people and communities to make a real difference across Australia. 

Investing ethically

Our funds are invested in ethically screened investment products.

Funding local efforts

In 2023 we awarded 112 organisations with community grants to help Australians prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

Impact investment

Our investments support projects like housing and renewable energy.

What NAB Foundation does

We use philanthropy, social investment and in-kind support to fund social and environmental progress in the Australian communities served by the NAB Group. By funding the people and communities who make a real difference, the Foundation aims to help tackle social and environmental challenges. 

The Foundation’s granting is focused on initiatives that help communities and the environment withstand fires, floods, cyclones and earthquakes. 

Partner profile: Disaster Relief Australia (DRA)

NAB Foundation is partnering with Disaster Relief Australia, opens in new window (DRA) to support Australian communities to recover from disasters.

DRA uses the unique skills and experiences of Australian Defence Force veterans, first responders and motivated civilians to help put thousands of disaster-hit communities on the road to recovery.

A $1 million grant from NAB Foundation is helping DRA recruit and manage more volunteers to support recovery efforts in communities across Australia. NAB also provides access to our colleague volunteer pool to support resilience and recovery operations and other strategic initiatives.

Rebuilding communities takes many hands.

“Every time DRA volunteers help in the recovery phase after a disaster, they not only make a tangible and lifechanging difference to circumstances of those impacted, they also help communities upskill and build capability to be part of their own recovery journey” says Disaster Relief Australia CEO Geoff Evans.

Our grant programs

Community Grants

The NAB Foundation Community Grants program funds local community ideas and projects to withstand and recover from natural disasters.

We award $1 million annually in grants of up to $25,000, with an additional $200,000 available for projects with big potential.

Environmental Resilience Grant

The NAB Foundation Environmental Resilience Grant has been established to support applied projects that build environmental resilience to natural disasters and climate change at scale.

Currently this includes testing rural fire break strategies in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia and Greening Australia.

Case study: Girls on Fire

Our 2021 grant recipient Girls on Fire, opens in new window is training more women and diverse allies in emergency services.

The Girls on Fire and Resilience programs are delivered by female firefighters in collaboration with NSW fire and emergency service agencies. This grant is funding the roll out of more programs in areas impacted by the 2019 and 2020 bushfires and in areas that have high at-risk populations.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting Australia from disasters. That’s why we’re focused on inspiring young women as well as men.

“It’s incredible, with NAB’s support I’m going to be able to really take Girls on Fire to new locations and communities – it just builds scope and momentum,” says Girls on Fire founder Bronnie Mackintosh.

Find the full list of organisations and initiatives we’ve supported with grants.

About our investment focus

NAB Foundation invests ethically, with a goal of ensuring our investments do no harm. It also invests to make positive change alongside returns. Impact investment positions include the Conscious Investment Management Impact Fund, which targets the specialist disability accommodation, social housing, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and social impact bonds sectors.

Impact investment case study: Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI)

In 2018, NAB Foundation provided a financial guarantee (contingent grant) for investors funding the Sacred Heart Mission’s J2SI program, through the Victorian Government’s Social Impact Bond pilot.

NAB, in partnership with Sacred Heart Mission and the Victorian Government Treasury department, commissioned a case study from the Centre for Social Impact as a contribution towards building the impact investing ecosystem in Australia, and to help others better understand how innovative financing mechanisms and partnerships across sectors could improve social outcomes.

To find out more about this innovative program download the J2SI case study (PDF, 916KB), opens in new window or for an overview you can download the J2SI case study summary (PDF, 466KB), opens in new window.

NAB Foundation history and governance

NAB Foundation has been in operation since 2016.

Today, in line with NAB’s broader community engagement, NAB Foundation funds community organisations with a charitable purpose and supports them by drawing on skills, expertise and resources from across the NAB Group. 

NAB Foundation is made up of three Trusts that are governed by an independent trustee. The NAB Foundation’s management team is part of NAB’s Sustainability team and is accountable to the Trustee for delivering on all operational matters and execution of strategies and programs.

NAB Foundation, ABN: 27 308 230 413

NAB Ancillary Fund, ABN: 98 499 614 896

JBWere Charitable Endowment Fund, ABN: 16 719 204 303

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