Finance your growth and manage your cash flow

We understand the complexity of managing trade finance, credit and cash throughout the logistics and supply chain cycle.

Here’s what we offer:

  • End-to-end solutions: to improve your working capital and financial flexibility.
  • Access: to our dedicated trade and working capital specialists.
  • Cross-border risk management: and supply chain finance.
  • Global reach and industry insights: with specialisations in corporate, financial institutions, resources, infrastructure and government, consumer, diversified industries and property.

Improve your working capital and financial flexibility

We have a range of working capital and supply chain management solutions.

  • Payable finance: to make the most of your working capital while enhancing your supplier relationships.
  • Receivables purchase: for certainty of payments, faster access to funds and working capital management efficiencies.
  • Goods purchase: funding up to an agreed percentage of the market value of goods - in the form of approved inventory.

Reduce your trade flow risk

Our solutions will help you manage your risk using the strength of NAB's brand and rating.

  • Letter of credit: use the strength of our global rating and brand to negotiate more favourable payment terms.
  • Outward standby letter of credit: we will pay the nominated beneficiary an agreed amount, if certain terms and conditions of your trade contract are not fulfilled.
  • Export letter of credit confirmations: minimise your payment risks by putting our rating and brand behind another bank's letter of credit in your favour.
  • Export collection: maintain some control over exported goods until the importer pays or commits to a future dated payment.

Fund your working capital and increase supply chain liquidity

We have a range of finance solutions.

  • Export pre-shipment finance: for exporters buying commodities or raw materials to then on sell, the funds to make the purchase to complete the sale.
  • Export post-shipment finance: for exporters to convert a credit sale into a cash sale, freeing up their capital.
  • Borrowing base: for access to funds within a single revolving facility based on the strength of your inventory or receivables.

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