Benefits of Internet Banking

  • Check your account balances, transaction history and access your statements.

  • Transfer money to others domestically and internationally or pay your bills easily with BPAY®.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protected by NAB Defence.

Ready to register? Here’s what you’ll need

  • Your NAB ID which is between 8 and 10 digits, found on the back of your NAB card.

  • An email address and your mobile phone to receive a security code.

Why use internet banking


Manage your accounts in one place

Check your account balances and transaction history and if you don’t recognise a transaction, there's an option to get more information.


Download statements and proof of balance

As well as being able to view, download and print your statements, you can also download a summary of your account balances when you need them.

arrows pointing left and right

Make fast payments and transfers

You have the choice of fast payment to a PayID, domestic transfers, international transfers or pay your bills with BPAY®.


Enjoy safe and secure banking

NAB Defence is our security promise to protect you against fraud. Verify transactions and changes to your account with SMS Security.


Keep your details up-to-date

Changed your address? Forgot your card PIN? Update your details with ease in Internet Banking.

another card

Activate, block, cancel or re-order your cards

Activate your new card, or if you misplace a card you can quickly put it on hold, cancel it or re-order a new one.

How to register for Internet Banking

  • Step 1 Select the get started button to begin. It should take less than five minutes.
  • Step 2 You’ll need to enter your NAB Identification Number, found on the back of your card, and your mobile phone handy to receive a security code.
  • Step 3 Set your password, activate features and choose how we communicate with you. 
  • Step 4 All done! We’ll send you an email to let you know that your Internet Banking is ready to use.

Learn how to bank online

Banking online is easy, secure and convenient with the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking.

Learn how to do everyday banking tasks using your phone, tablet or desktop computer with our simple how-to guides.

How to keep your online banking secure

NAB Defence – keeping your money safe

The security of your money is just as important to us as it is to you, so we'll check your accounts and monitor your high-risk transactions.

Cyber safety tips for you

Learn how to protect yourself and your family online with our educational articles and videos.

Internet Banking fees

Internet Banking is our free-to-use digital banking platform for all customers. Most things you can do in Internet Banking are free, like paying bills or transferring money to other domestic accounts. But there are some fees that apply to certain types of transactions. For example:

table of international transfer fees for internet banking
International Money Transfer via NAB Internet Banking (in foreign currency)
$10 transfer fee
International Money Transfer via NAB Internet Banking (in Australian Dollars)
$30 transfer fee

Please refer to your applicable fees and charges related to your account and the international transfers terms and conditions.

Personal Banking Fees – a guide to fees and charges (PDF, 357KB)

Easily check your transaction history

See where your money is coming from and going to with quick filters and exporting options.

  • See your last 731 days of transactions
  • Find specific transactions with filters and search bar
  • Print your last 731 days of transaction history
  • Export up to 8000 transactions at a time

The NAB Mobile App

Internet Banking in a smaller package

The award winning NAB app gives you more control every day. Once you’ve registered for internet banking you can download and use the app for many of the same things, but better suited for when you’re on the go.

Help and support

How do I reset my Internet Banking password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, remember:

  • it’s case sensitive
  • it’s at least 6 characters long
  • it contains at least one character from two of the following categories: upper case letter, lower case letter, number or special character (eg. !@#$%).

Still can’t remember?

Select Forgotten your password? on the Internet Banking login page.

To reset your password, you’ll need:

  • your NAB Identification Number
  • either your mobile phone (if it’s been set up for SMS Security) or your NAB Telephone Banking password (or a temporary password).

If you don’t have these things, call us on 1300 651 656 or visit any NAB branch.

What is my daily transfer limit on NAB Internet Banking?

The default limit is $2,500 if you’re not registered for SMS security or $5,000 if you’re registered for SMS security. By being registered for SMS security you can change your daily transfer limit up to $40,0001 by selecting the Profile & Settings menu and then Internet Banking Settings.

Your daily transfer limit applies to:

  • funds transfers from your linked accounts to other financial institutions or other NAB accounts not linked to you.
  • multiple funds transfers from your linked accounts to other financial institutions and other NAB accounts not linked to you.
  • BPAY® payments (for bill payments made to non NAB authorised billers by customers who are not registered for SMS Security).
  • International funds transfers (both the transaction amount in AUD dollars plus the international funds transfer fee). There’s a separate daily limit for international funds transfers.

It doesn’t apply to:

  • Funds transfers between your linked accounts at NAB.
  • Bill payments to BPAY® billers who have been bank authorised (individual billers may impose their own transaction limits).

What are the cut-off and processing times for transfers and BPAY®?

Transfer using PayID or to your linked accounts

There are no cut-off times. When paying to a PayID, in most cases they’ll have the funds in under 60 seconds.

Transfer to another financial institution

If you make the transfer before 6pm (Melbourne time) on a business day in most cases they’ll get the funds the next business day, and if it’s after 6pm, or on a weekend or public holiday, within two business days.

Transfer to another NAB account

If you make the payment before 10pm (Melbourne time) on a business day in most cases they'll receive the funds on the same day. If it's after 10pm, or on a weekend or public holiday, the next business day.2

BPAY® payment

If you make a BPAY® payment before 6pm (Melbourne time) on a business day, we’ll send the details to the biller’s bank on the same day. Payments made after 6pm on business days, or at any time on a weekend or public holiday will usually be treated as being received by the biller on the next business day.

For more detail check out our different cut-off and processing times table.

How can I check if my money transfer went through?

After you’ve submitted your transfer in Internet Banking you’ll see a screen that’ll let you know if your transfer has been successfully submitted.

If you want to check the status of a transfer you made earlier or a future-dated payment, you can check your payment list by selecting Transfer & Pay from the menu and then Payment list.

How do I update my personal details?

Update contact, personal or tax residency details by logging into Internet Banking and selecting My details in the Profile & Settings menu.

If you want to update the mobile number you have registered for SMS security you’ll have to call us on 1300 651 656 or visit your nearest branch.

For more detailed information visit the update details page.

How do I export my transactions from NAB Internet Banking?

Exporting your transaction history is easy, simply:

  1. Select your Account
  2. Select Transaction history
  3. To filter your transactions, select Show Filter and then filter by the options available
  4. Select the Export button and choose the type of file you’d like to export

If you would like to print your entire transaction history, you can do so from this document.

Helpful hint: you can export your transactions to the following formats:

  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • Quicken version 6 or below
  • Quicken version 7 or above

Microsoft Money

MYOB version 2002

How do I get a Proof of Balance document?

  1. Login to Internet Banking on your desktop.
  2. Go into the ‘Proof of Balance’ section on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Download Proof of Balance.

This will generate a Proof of Balance document for all your accounts.

Are you having trouble registering?

If you’re having troubling registering for Internet Banking, ensure your device meets the technical requirements.

If you are still unable to register, please call the Internet Banking Support Team, who will be able to assist.

Australia: 1300 651 656

Overseas: +61 3 8641 9886

How do I update my account nicknames?

Giving an account a nickname makes it easier for you to recognise each of your accounts. The nickname you choose is only used within NAB Internet Banking and doesn't affect the name of the account as it appears in the documentation that you receive from NAB (for example, statements and cheque books).

You can assign a nickname to all NAB accounts except NAB Traveller Card, NAB General Insurance accounts, Equity Lending Facilities, and nab-trade accounts.

1. Login to NAB Internet Banking with your NAB identification number (ID) and NAB Internet Banking password.

2. Open the Profile & Settings menu and select Internet Banking settings.

3. Enter your nickname in the corresponding Account nickname field (you'll need to over type the existing nickname).

Helpful hint: An account nickname can be up to 30 alphanumeric characters. You can change one or more account nicknames at the same time.

4. Click Save accounts settings. The account nicknames were updated successfully message displays.

Alternatively, click Reset to retain the original account nicknames.

Helpful hint: In the list of cards under the Cards menu you cannot edit your card name or give it a nickname to associate it with a specific cardholder.

View an Internet Banking message with NAB

View a secure message

1. Login to NAB Internet Banking with your NAB identification number (ID) and NAB Internet Banking password.

2. Open the Profile & Settings menu and select View my messages.

Helpful hint: Your messages will list in descending date order. The most recent messages display at the top of the list.

3. Click the date of the message you wish to open. Now you can read any message on the list or delete any message from the list.

How to lock password

1. Login to NAB Internet Banking with your NAB identification number (ID) and NAB Internet Banking password.

2. Open the Profile & Settings menu and select Security and Passwords.

3. Select Lock Password.

4. Choose from the following options:

  • Do not lock my password - Every time you logout, time out, close or lose your browser session, your password will remain unlocked.
  • Lock my password when logging out of this session ONLY - The next time you logout, time out, close or lose your browser session, your password will be locked. It will remain locked until you choose to unlock it. However, on your next login, this option is reset to Do not lock my password. To lock your password again, you'll need to select the appropriate option.
  • Lock my password automatically every time I exit - For every internet banking session, if you logout, time out, close or lose your browser session, your password will be locked. This option will remain selected permanently until you choose to change it.

5. Click Update to confirm your selection.

For further support you can call the Internet Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656 in Australia, (or +61 3 8641 9886 from overseas) 7am to 9pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT).

Granting others access to my NAB accounts using NAB Internet Banking?

You can do this in either of two ways:

1. Grant unrestricted access to one or more of your accounts

You can authorise the addition of one or more of your NAB accounts to another person's list of NAB Internet Banking linked accounts. You can also select which of your accounts you would like the other person to access. The other person must be an existing NAB Internet Banking user and they would use their own NAB ID to access both their own accounts and those accounts which you nominate.

Important: In this case the other person will have full and unrestricted NAB Internet Banking access to your nominated account/s as though they were their own. If you are a business customer, this would be a great way to add your business and personal accounts to the one NAB ID.

How to apply

You must visit a NAB branch (or your business banker if you are a business customer) to be identified and to sign an application form. The other person receiving NAB Internet Banking access to the nominated accounts must also sign the form as an authorised user.

2. Apply for an additional NAB ID

You can apply for an additional NAB ID in your own name. You can nominate one or more of your own accounts for use with this additional NAB ID. You can then give a person (an authorised user) this additional NAB ID and a temporary password to use with NAB Internet Banking. This authorised user does not need to be a NAB customer, as the NAB ID belongs to you. However, the authorised user will have to satisfy the NAB's identification policy.

Important: You are responsible for all use of the additional NAB ID.

Restricting access

By granting access in this way, you have the option of restricting the level of access for each of the accounts attached to the additional NAB ID. For example, you can allow view only access so that the authorised user can only use NAB Internet Banking to check account balances and transaction history, and cannot transfer funds from account/s. Alternative access levels are credits only, debits only or full access. Different accounts attached to the additional NAB ID can have different access levels.

This would be useful, for example, if you wanted to allow your accountant (or an employee) to view one or more of your personal or business accounts using NAB Internet Banking, without allowing them the ability to transfer funds.

How to apply

To apply for an additional NAB ID, you must visit a NAB branch to complete and sign an application form. The authorised user may also need to satisfy the 100 point identification requirement. Once the necessary parties have signed the application form, the additional NAB ID and temporary password will be issued to you or the authorised user on the spot. This additional NAB ID can then be registered for NAB Internet Banking through the normal processes.

What do I do if my password is compromised?

If you think your password has been compromised.

1. Login to NAB Internet Banking with your NAB Identification number (ID) and NAB Internet Banking password.

2. Change your password within the Profile & Settings menu.

Alternatively you can contact us and our staff will endeavour to help you step-by-step in securing your accounts.

For further information you can also register for SMS Security.

Can I register with more than one NAB ID?

We will tell you over the phone if your NAB ID(s) are available to register for NAB Internet Banking. All other customers (including businesses, partnerships, social clubs) will need to contact their business banker to be identified so that access to NAB Internet Banking can be authorised.

Can I track my home loan application online?

The ‘My Applications’ feature of NAB Internet Banking lets you track and update new home loan applications you completed in a branch or over the phone.

Read our helpful guide on how to track your application online.

How to make a donation to charity

To donate to charity using NAB Internet Banking, use our simple guide.

Need more help?

Use our helpful guides, FAQs and support services to help manage your banking more easily.

PayID makes getting paid simpler

Once you create a PayID, you can provide it instead of your BSB and account number to make getting paid easier.

NAB Pay on your Android

NAB Pay is a secure, convenient way to make contactless purchases with your phone. Download the NAB app and set up NAB Pay.

NAB Apple Watch

Faster, smarter banking. At just a glance.

Important information

1Increasing your daily limit may increase your liability for unauthorised transactions. You may want to consider your limit and only increase it to suit your needs or for a large one-off payment.

2Your first payment to other NAB payees will take 24 hours (as a security precaution). Payments to non-NAB payees made on a weekday by 6pm will be submitted when you make the transfer. However, other banks and financial institutions may take longer to process your payment.

The NAB Internet Banking terms and conditions apply when using NAB Internet Banking.


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NAB app

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Google Pay

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NAB Pay is only available for Android and with the use of a NAB Visa Debit or Credit Card.

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