Compare our two business overdrafts

Choose between a secured or unsecured business overdraft to help with your business cash flow or unexpected expenses. Once approved, you’ll be able to access additional funds directly from your NAB Business transaction account.

Get access to a line of credit with an unsecured business overdraft that you can draw down at any time.

Variable interest rate

13.50 % p.a.

Pay interest only on what you use.

Service fee

1.75 % p.a.

Fee applies to your approved limit.

Benefits of this overdraft

  • No security required.

  • Apply online and access funds in one business day.

  • Only pay interest on your outstanding debit balance.

An overdraft on your Business Everyday Account to help manage your cash flow and seasonal expenses.

Minimum Limit


Borrow From

Benefits of this overdraft

  • Flexible cash management with access to a revolving line of credit.

  • Access the additional funds directly from your NAB Business Everyday transaction account with a NAB Business VISA Debit card.

  • Choose between secured or unsecured overdrafts.

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