Risk management

We give our clients access to fixed income, credit, derivatives, currencies and commodities markets, using our expertise to create real value.

From seamless execution to hedging strategies, we use our 24-hour operations across Australia and global markets to manage your risk. We work with investors to find the right opportunities to create income flow and we’ll use the depth of our balance sheet, our strong credit rating and leading market share in our chosen markets to generate value.

Here's what we offer:

  • Access to traded and illiquid markets through sales, trading and research.
  • Outstanding execution across all asset classes and in key strategic markets.
  • Global reach through our trading and sales operations across the Australian, Asian, United Kingdom (UK), European (Paris), United States (US) and New Zealand (NZ, via Bank of New Zealand) markets.
  • We're a leading provider of FX in Australian and New Zealand markets and a major liquidity provider in all other G10 currencies. We're connected to all major multi-bank platforms globally, so we can execute and settle currency deals seamlessly.

    Here's what we offer:

    • A range of solutions from FX Algorithmic Execution and digital pricing to FX currency overlay.
    • FX products: including spot, forward and options.
    • Hedging capability in all major onshore and offshore currencies.
    • Non-deliverable forward pricing: in the major Asian, Latin American and emerging European currencies.
    • We're the first major Australian bank to offer a Currency Overlay service to Superannuation Funds, Asset Managers and Endowment Funds.
    • 24-hour operations across Australia, Asia, the UK, the US and New Zealand (via Bank of New Zealand).
    • To see what we offer our Business customers, please visit International business banking & foreign exchange.
  • We're a leader in Australian Dollar (AUD) and New Zealand Dollar (NZD) interest rate markets, providing seamless execution that doesn't disrupt markets.

    Here's what we offer:

    • Access to liquidity, risk management and structuring opportunities across a wide range of interest rate derivatives.
    • Dedicated teams: working closely with customers to ensure we support funding and investment objectives.
    • Customised solutions and risk management products.
    • 24-hour operations across Australia, Asia, the UK, the US and New Zealand (via Bank of New Zealand).
  • We distribute primary market issues and offer a suite of fixed-income solutions designed to suit investor risk appetites in both primary and secondary markets.

    Here’s what we offer:

    • Secondary pricing, distribution, and trading to promote liquidity in Australian and New Zealand government, semi-government and local government authority bonds as well as corporate, securitised and covered bonds.
    • Access to unrated, long dated or subordinated instruments across real estate, project finance, private companies and structured finance.
  • We'll help you manage the volatility of commodity markets with a dedicated team focused on understanding your business objectives and risk appetite.

    Here's what we offer:

    • Risk management solutions across agricultural, energy, metals and bulk commodity sectors for business and private banking corporate, institutional and investor clients locally and globally.
    • Dedicated global sales and trading staff.
    • Spot, forward, swaps and options pricing for all approved commodity products.
    • Multi-currency solutions across metals, agriculture, bulks and energy.
    • Collaboration on financing opportunities with commodity risk.
    • Commodities and carbon strategy : Analysis of market fundamentals to advise customers on risks and opportunities in global commodity and carbon markets.
    • Active in select global domestic and international regulated emissions markets.
  • We provide investors with access to a wide variety of solutions to match their investment and cash flow needs. We provide specialist expertise and execution support along with research and insights that help create real value.

    Here's what we offer:

    • A broad suite of transactional and solution-based products, such as at call cash and term deposits, fixed income and debt securities, foreign exchange, hedging and currency overlay.
    • A team of investment professionals in Australia, Asia, France, the UK, the US, and NZ (via Bank of New Zealand), covering every segment of the wholesale investor market whether that be global supra-nationals or high net worth individuals taking charge of their own superannuation.
    • Access to independent research and insights along with our market leading research capabilities, we educate investors on multiple asset classes.
    • Tailored solutions and execution to solve specific capital or return needs of institutional clients.

    You can read more information on our solutions for high-net-worth individual investors and their advisers.

  • We work closely with our customers on opportunities to improve yield outcomes, reduce costs, access collateral, and protect capital. We are focused on developing innovative solutions to meet a specific need, with extensive expertise in:

    • tailored ideas and execution to solve specific needs for corporate and institutional clients.
    • capital, return, and structures aimed at risk weighted assets (RWA) reduction and X-valuation adjustment (XVA) relief.
    • strong new product development leveraging existing product suite including retail price index (RPI) swaps, securing funding swaps and environmental social & governance (ESG) linked derivatives.
  • Our award-winning markets research team provides specialist coverage on the Australian economy, as well as analysis of foreign exchange, fixed income, and credit markets.

    Trading strategies are also provided on fixed income markets.

    Our offering to you includes:

    • Overnight commentary on these fields of research, as well as more detailed and regular outlooks and forecasts on economic and financial variables and includes:
      • The NAB Business Survey: Australia’s longest running and most respected business survey, released monthly.
      • The NAB Morning Call Podcast: produced daily, providing insights and discussion on overnight events. You can subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform.
    • Research staff are available for presentations to Boards, Senior Management teams and for ad-hoc research requests.
    • Customers can access the Markets Research Preference Centre, opens in new window to subscribe to research.

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Awards and accolades


#1 Quality of service and support

#1 Highest quality coverage

#1 Most useful analysis of the economy  and most useful IR forecasts and trend analysis

#1 FX forecasting  and most valuable commentary on currency markets


#1 Trusted adviser

#1 Most trusted personal relationships

#1 Back Office Service for IRD  and FX

#1 Relationship Strength Index for IRD , FX , and short dated securities

Risk Management

#1 Advice and guidance in managing risk and executing transactions

#1 Valuable/tailored advice

#1 Trade/hedging recommendations

#1 Liquidity for interest rate swaps  and short dated securities

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