Manage your business banking on the go with NAB Connect

NAB Connect lets you manage your business banking from anywhere. Access your online statements and account reporting, and your direct entry and payroll services. You can upload domestic and international payment files, and enjoy many more standard and additional services.

Features that go beyond everyday banking

Multiple users - different access

Add and manage multiple users and create different authorisation levels with varied levels of capability.

Uncapped transaction limits

Transfer amounts are only limited by the funds you have available and the daily limits set.

International payments and foreign exchange

Book foreign exchange deals and view currency conversion rates before you transfer.

Fast payments

Create a unique business PayID and make and receive real-time one-to-one payments.

Third-party capability

Avoid manual reconciliation by downloading your financial files directly to most accounting programs.

Automated reporting

Receive your NAB Connect reporting via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Managing your account Bank online with NAB Connect Mobile app

Manage your account balances, transaction history, create and authorise transfers between your linked accounts, all on your phone while you are on the go.

  • Check your current and end of day account balances and view your transaction history up to the last 30 days, wherever you are.

  • Manage your funds with ease, by creating and authorising transfers between your linked accounts.

  • See, review and authorise payments one at a time, or in a batch of 25, on the go using a 4-digit PIN.

Rates and fees

Fee type Fee amount

Domestic Payment

(Fast payment, Domestic payment overnight and BPAY® payments)

$0.25 per payment

Domestic payments between linked accounts free

Multi funds transfer

(Payroll and payment files)

$0.25 per payment
International payment with currency conversion $10.00 per transaction

International payment without currency conversion

(in AUD or from a NAB Foreign Currency Account in that same currency)

$20.00 per transaction

Other fees and charges may apply.

Help and support Helpful resources to get the most out of NAB Connect

Demonstration videos

Our visual guides and demonstration videos help make the transition to NAB Connect even easier. You'll find help with logging in for the first time, setting up your profile, making payments, customising your security options and more.

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NAB Connect Training

Join our training webinar to learn more about how you can get the most out of NAB Connect.

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NAB Connect self-service

When you're looking for answers, start by searching the support articles in our NAB Connect help section.

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