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Branch, ATM and Business Banking Centre hours are displayed below. You can also check to see if your branch is closed for lunch.

If you call us on 13 22 65 we can help you before you go to a branch. We can assist with all general enquiries, existing home loan and credit card enquiries or help you make an appointment at your local branch.

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ATM - with deposit facility ATM - with deposit facility ATM - without deposit facility ATM - without deposit facility ATM - with audio access ATM - with audio access
ATM - with disabled access ATM - with disabled access Branch Branch Business Banking Centre Business Banking Centre
Agency Agency Financial Services Centre Financial Services Centre Financial Planner Financial Planner
Mobile Banker Mobile Banker Internet Banking Kiosk Internet Banking Kiosk Coin Swap Machine Coin Swap Machine
Quick Change Machine Quick Change Machine Express Business Deposit Express Business Deposit Small Business Banker Small Business Banker

Below is a list of branches that are open on the weekend.

Branch Trading Hours

Public holiday hours. To see the trading hours of your local branch, select your State/ Territory or enter the name of the branch in the search box.

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