We're here to help your business

If your business is going through financial difficulty, get in touch with us as soon as you can. We will:

  • work with you to understand your circumstances
  • treat you and your business respectfully, fairly and individually
  • be open and clear about your options
  • consider ways we can help you find a way to continue with your business loans
  • consider any requests you make
  • be timely and proactive in our communications with you.

Talking to us is the first step in managing business financial difficulties. To help us understand your circumstances, when you contact us we may ask you to provide your most recent financial information and other business details.

Business loan support

The type of help we offer  will depend on your circumstances. Ways we can assist may include:

  • offering temporary relief from existing financial commitments
  • exploring business loan restructuring options
  • having frank and supportive conversations about your business and any changes you might be considering
  • giving you extra time to raise money to cover debt, through selling assets or by other means.

Other ways we can help

We can connect you to a variety of support services:

  • home loan support if you are also having difficulty paying a NAB home loan
  • mental health support
  • future employment support.

Having trouble making your home loan repayments?

Complete an assistance request and we'll get in touch.

Other support options

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If you’re having trouble making your repayments, you can request assistance.

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