Banking for accounting professionals

As the most successful business bank in Australia with strong connections to the business community we understand the crucial role the accounting industry plays across the country.

Accounting professionals, like you, told us no bank understands and services your industry to the standard you expect. We can and here’s how.

For more information, e-mail one of our accounting banking specialists.

What we offer

We’ve streamlined our lending process to make it quicker, easier and more flexible to deal with us. Our lending policies have been specifically designed for your unique revenue streams to help you manage and grow your business.

  • Maximum lending of up to 3.5 times Earnings Before Interest and Taxes After Partner’s Remuneration (EBIT APR).
  • No external due diligence report on the business required.
  • Simplified covenant requirements.
  • Flexible solutions to ensure non tax-deductible debt is repaid prior to business borrowings.
  • Flexible interest only terms up to three years.
  • Preferential relationship pricing for accounting firms.
  • Transactional solution for your firm through our Master Account Opening Service.

Why bank with us?

  • Benefit from our flexible tailored lending policy for accountants.
  • Deal with an accounting banking specialist who can make decisions.
  • We can look after your clients banking needs through our structured referral partner program.

Accounting banking specialist

Our accounting banking specialists are empowered to make decisions on the spot.

With a requirement to undertake accounting accreditation training before they can lend to your industry, you can be sure only bankers who understand you and are interested in your business will be dealing with you.

Your business banking team

We believe it is important you have a strong relationship, not just with your local accounting banking specialist but also our local Business Banking team. Our Business Banking Centres are close to you and offer multiple points of contact, so you deal with someone who knows your business and the local market.

Our referral partner program

We respect the trusted relationship you've built with your clients and have a structured referral partner program so we can ensure your clients are supported with any referrals you entrust to us and you're informed throughout the process.

Products and Services

At NAB we offer a wide range of products and services not only for your needs but your client’s needs as well.

For more information, check out our business accounts page

  1. You should seek your own independent tax advice. Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply (available on application). Fees and charges apply (fee and interest rate information available on application).

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