About bank feeds

Bank feeds allows your bank transaction details to be sent straight to your accounting software,  instead of manually entering them yourself. 

It's available for most accounting software packages and is completely free to set up.

How bank feeds benefit your business

Saves you time and effort

By importing bank transaction data into your accounting software, you’ll save time on tedious data entry and make bank reconciliation much faster and easier. 

Reduce errors

Because your banking data is entered automatically, your accounting software will have fewer mistakes such as missing, duplicated or incorrectly named transactions.

Better cash flow

Your accounting software is updated daily with your latest financial information, so you can easily see how your business is performing day to day, and make better-informed decisions.  

Make tax time easier

With your data imported directly from your NAB account, you’ll save time when it comes to entering and reconciling your transactions at tax time.

NAB Bookkeeper

Manage business finances easily with our simple, smart and powerful bookkeeping solution. Seamlessly connect to your NAB business accounts, so everything is in one place. 

  • Create, send, track and manage invoices and quotes.

  • Track your income and expenses in real time.

  • Automatically reconcile transactions.

Enjoy a 6-month free trial

Getting started NAB accounts available for bank feeds

You can set up bank feeds from a variety of NAB accounts, including personal and business accounts, credit card accounts , term deposits and most loans. 

How to set up bank feeds

You can set up bank feeds in a few easy steps. Simply select your accounting software provider for instructions.

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