For Kelly, the joy of giving is core to her business vision and it’s driven her passion for quirky gifts. Her passion is shared by her sister, Abbey, and together they strive to surprise and delight their customers at every turn.

How it all began

Leaving behind a corporate career, Kelly launched a business based on the crazy idea of making beautiful bouquets out of things you can eat. Her sister, Abbey Baker joined not long after and Edible Blooms really began to take off.

Business vision

For Kelly, it's the joy of giving that's core to their business vision.

“The magic of gifting is knowing that you’ve bought something really special for someone in appreciation for something that they’ve done for you.”

“That moment when someone’s surprised at the door, when they say ‘wow that’s for me?’ Recreating that hundreds of times per day is pretty amazing.”

At a business level, both Abbey and Kelly say that it’s the people surrounding them that make the business more than just about money. From the team to their customers, it’s the people interaction which helps drive their passion.

“I love what I do,” says Abbey. “We’ve got an amazing team across the country that have the same goal in mind. We all want to make our customers happy. It’s a joy coming to work each day.”

Working with family

Having a sister by your side makes it even more special.

“I love that I get to work with my sister,” says Kelly. “At one point we even shared a house and went to work together every day. It’s funny, we’re in the office with each other every day and then we still ring each other at night to talk about things - we have a great relationship. I know that’s not the same for every pair of siblings but for us it works incredibly well.”

Peak periods

Unsurprisingly, one of Edible Blooms’ peak gifting periods is Mother’s Day. For the sisters and mums themselves, it’s the time that reminds them why they do what they do.

“Mother’s Day is our team’s favourite occasion of the year because the messages we see people send to their mums with the bouquets are just beautiful. A lot of our team are mums too. They love seeing other people spoiling their mums,” says Kelly.

“We are privileged to be part of the gifting process in our customers' lives,” says Kelly. “Our job is to make sure we get their message to that special someone as beautifully and as timely as possible. We take a lot of pride in making sure we get that just right.”

Meet Edible Bouquets

See what how unique idea has blossomed.

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