What is My Goals?

It’s a feature in the NAB app that allows you to add a personal savings goal to any of your NAB iSaver or Rewards Saver accounts, helping you track your progress.

How to use My Goals

It’s easy to create a goal for anything you’re saving towards. Simply give your goal a name, set your target amount, and the date you want to reach it. The NAB app will help you work out how much (and how often) you need to save, to reach your goal.

  1. Download and log into the NAB app.
  2. Go to the More menu and tap My Goals and tap Create goal.
  3. Add a savings goal to any of your NAB iSaver or NAB Reward Saver accounts (one goal per account).
  4. Create a goal name (this will give your account name a new nickname).
  5. Set your goal by entering the date you want to reach your goal by and find out how much to set aside and how often.
  6. Check your progress in the NAB app to make sure you’re on track to reach your goal. You’ll also receive occasional messages about your goal progress to help you stay on track.
  7. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can remove the savings goal. Select the account and tap Finish goal.
  8. Rename your account’s nickname and stop or change any recurring payments.
  9. Continue using your account as normal or set up a new savings goal. 

Download the NAB app

Not already registered? Download or update the NAB app today.

  1. Download from Google Play or App Store.

  2. Tap Login on the home screen.

  3. Tap Register.

Don't have a savings account yet?

Open an account as an existing customer

  1. Log into the NAB app.

  2. Tap More or the Menu icon.

  3. Tap New account.

  4. Tap Savings accounts.

  5. Tap Apply now.

Not a NAB customer yet?

  1. Download the NAB app.

  2. Tap Join NAB.

  3. Choose a savings account.

  4. Tap Apply now.

How you could reach your savings goals

Save for a home

Meet Megan and Sam. They added a savings goal to their NAB Reward Saver account to reach their home loan deposit faster. By setting aside $500 a week, they’ll be able to save an extra $36,000 in just 18 months.

Save for a holiday

Meet Liam. He added a savings goal to his NAB iSaver account and is now saving $400 a week to reach his $9000 goal. That’s eight months until he gets to fulfil his lifelong dream of visiting Antarctica.

Deleting a goal in the NAB app

Only your savings goal will be deleted. Your account will remain open and your account’s nickname will be the goal name. 

  1. Log into the NAB app.

  2. Select the account connected to your savings goal.

  3. Scroll down and tap Delete goal.

Changing your account’s nickname

Update your account nickname to remove the goal name from your account.

  1. Log into the NAB app.

  2. Select the account you’d like to rename.

  3. Tap More the Menu icon and tap Rename your account.

  4. Enter your new account nickname and save your update.

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