Helping to reduce the risk of fraud, scams and cyber crime

At NAB, we’re taking steps to reduce the risks to your account from fraud, scams and cyber crime. We monitor personal accounts for signs of unusual activity and help warn you of the potential red flags of  scams through payment alerts in the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking. We provide a secure banking app with features that help you bank safely, as well providing 24/7 fraud support, helpful tips and guidance for staying safe online.

NAB Payment Alerts helps you spot red flags

If our fraud system detects a payment potentially related to an investment, goods and service, invoice, or romance scam in the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking a NAB Payment Alert may pop up. This will prompt you in real time to review the transaction to help you identify potential scams before proceeding with the payment. Find out more about how payment alert technology targets invoice scams, opens in new window on NAB News.

Expert support with NAB Secure

NAB Payment Alert helps you spot red flags

Alerting you in real time to review payments in the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking, to identify potential scams before proceeding.

24/7 fraud assistance

NAB's team is available 24/7 to assist you if you think you've fallen victim to a scam or fraud.

Safety features in the NAB app

Securely transact in the NAB app with multi-factor authentication. Use safety features like blocking and unblocking your cards, changing credit card limits and using PayID® to send and receive payments with confidence.

Technology to help keep you safe

We’re investing in security technologies including advanced biometrics capabilities for Internet Banking, the NAB app, and NAB Connect.

Trained colleagues to spot red flags

Our branch and call centre teams are trained to help spot potential scams and fraudulent activity.

Involvement in joint security operations

We’re collaborating with law enforcement and government agencies to investigate serious and organised transnational crime groups targeting Australians.

No links from NAB SMS

Removal of unexpected links from SMS messages, opens in new window sent by NAB to make it easier to spot a phishing message.

Taking action to help stop spoofing scams

Adding additional protections to reduce scam messages, opens in new window appearing in legitimate bank text message threads and placing bank phone numbers on the Do Not Originate list to help reduce scam calls impersonating NAB numbers.

Cyber security offers

Cyber security offers for NAB business customers, including free CrowdStrike software.

Empowering you with resources and insights

We’re keeping you up to date on the best ways to protect yourself from scams, fraud and cyber crime. Through the online NAB Security Hub, you can access practical resources and the latest insights for you, your family and your business. On the NAB app and website you’ll find security alerts and information on the latest scams, fraud and cyber crime, so you know how to spot the red flags and what to do if you’re impacted.

How to get in touch

If your online security has been compromised, let us know immediately.

Remember, NAB will never:

  • ask for access your banking or share your personal information via a link in a text or email
  • ask to transfer money to another account to keep it safe
  • ask for access to your computer or online bank accounts
  • ask you to share your passwords or PINs
  • send you unexpected links in text messages 

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