Two ways to request amendments to your NAB Connect facility

Make amendments via self-service

An Administrator can make the below changes via the Admin menu in NAB Connect:

  • Request to add services

  • Add new Authorising or General users

  • Manage user access

  • Update billing account

An Administrator can also request several other changes by sending a secure message from within NAB Connect. Learn how to make enquiries, request changes and view responses using secure messaging in NAB Connect.

Use the NAB Connect Amendment form

You can use this form to request the below changes to your NAB Connect facility:

  • Add new Administrators

  • Change existing Authorising users to Administrators

  • Add accounts or entities

  • Change authorisation rules

  • Change segregation of duties

  • Change dual admin

To change a General user into an Administrator, select ‘Add new Administrator when completing this form. An Administrator can customise user access for newly added accounts or entities via self-service once the amendment request to 'Add accounts or entities' has been completed.

Unless indicated otherwise, any defined terms in the NAB Digital Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in the NAB Connect Amendment form. Any information you provide is collected in accordance with NAB’s privacy notification policy.

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