Internet Banking Technical Requirements

Do I need any special software?

The only software that you will need to run NAB Internet Banking is a recent version of an Internet Browser, which can be downloaded from the Internet.

What type of browser do I need?

Please refer to our systems requirement page for a list of supported browsers.

Will NAB Internet Banking run on an Apple® or other non-Windows® operating systems?

NAB Internet Banking is available to both Apple® Macintosh® users and many non-Windows® users, such as Linux®. In order to access NAB Internet Banking, you will need to make sure you have the appropriate hardware and software for your computer. Check the NAB Internet Banking technical requirements to ensure that you have the correct setup.

Can more than one NAB Internet Banking user access NAB Internet Banking from the same computer?

Yes. There are no restrictions to the number of people who can use the same computer to log into NAB Internet Banking. However, only one user can have an active session open at any one time. That is, User A must logout correctly and close their session before 'User B' can log in to NAB Internet Banking.

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