The Australian Banking Association (ABA) Code of Banking Practice sets standards of good banking practice when dealing with individual or small business customers, prospective customers and their guarantors.

National Australia Bank is a strong supporter of the Code and as with all banks that adopt the Code, NAB is contractually bound by the obligations under the Code.

The original Code was published in 1993 with revisions made in 2004. In 2013, further amendments were made to the Code, effective from 1 February 2014. The announced amendments are changes related to banking services.

Areas that the Code of Banking Practice covers

The four key areas of the Code are:

  • Our key commitments and general obligations
  • Information we will give you about banking services
  • Banking services practices
  • Resolution of disputes, monitoring and sanctions

Amendments to the Code of Banking Practice from 1 February 2014

Changes effective from 1 February 2014 include:

  • Introduction of insurance reminders to customers with home mortgages
  • Message to customers regarding chargeback rights to credit cards are now extended to debit cards
  • Considerations regarding identification, training and cultural awareness for Indigenous customers
  • For small business lending, the introduction of a 10 day notification period for unilateral variations that may be materially adverse to a customer.

View or download a copy of the Code of Banking Practice (PDF, 3.64MB).

Further Information

The Code of Banking Practice is also available at our branches and outlets (except Australia Post).

Further information about the Code of Banking Practice and Frequently Asked Questions are available at the Australian Banking Association website.