Voluntary Tax Transparency Code

We've signed up to the Voluntary Tax Transparency Code.

Tax policy

We have a Group-wide, board endorsed tax policy.

Corporate behaviour

We commit to strong corporate values and behaviors.

Why is this important?

As our operations have a significant impact on the economies and societies we operate within – stakeholders expect transparency on our operations, profitability and impacts.

What do we do?

We have a group-wide, board endorsed tax policy that is subject to annual review. The Chief Tax Officer reports regularly to the Board. We have also signed up to the voluntary tax transparency code, with the release of our first Tax Transparency Report to occur later this year.

We are a major Australian multinational company which, together with our subsidiary companies and foreign branches, makes a significant contribution to the Australian economy, business landscape and the offshore economies in which we conduct financial services activities.

The corporate behavior of the Group impacts many stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees and governments. As a corporate leader, the Group commits to strong corporate values and behaviors, including in our approach to tax.

Refer to the Statement of Tax Principles for a summary of NAB's Tax Policy. For further information on NAB's 2015 tax expenses and effective tax rate please see below:

Australian Taxes Paid

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