A few key results


Amount of money NAB has made available for microfinance lending. 


Approved microfinance loans for low-income Australians since 2005.


Provided in microfinance loans since 2003.

Why is this important?

Some people don’t have access to credit or banking, which can put them at risk of falling into poverty and missing out on opportunities. We want to play a part in helping Australia’s most vulnerable with small loans and other financial help so they can get ahead, which also adds to sustainable economic growth.

What do we do?

Since 2003, we’ve been working with Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, state and federal governments to help provide Australians with financial resources, education and microfinance products in over 600 locations around Australia.

We’ve helped with low-interest or no-interest loans

  • Provided over 269,000 no-interest loans to low-income Australians

We support Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand's No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) to help Australians afford household essentials or education expenses with loans of up to $1,500.

We’ve provided expert services to help people understand finance

  • Assisted over 50,000 families and individuals with financial access and conversations through Good Money.

In partnership with Good Money and state governments, we’ve opened up Good Money stores in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, where people can get access to small loans and have conversations with experts to learn more about finance.

We have also used the lessons learned in Australia to support the development of financial inclusion in New Zealand, through Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), the NZ government, the Salvation Army and Good Shepherd NZ.

Changes to the StepUP Loan Program

Since 2004, NAB has worked with Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, State and Federal governments and more than 160 community organisations to help provide Australians with financial resources, education and microfinance products.

Australia has changed significantly since StepUP was launched in 2004, and we recognise the program needs to keep evolving to meet customer needs and expectations.

After listening to feedback from customers, community partners and consumer groups we’ve made the decision to wind down StepUP in its current form.

As of the 31st of March, we will no longer be accepting new applications for the StepUP Loan.

We continue working with Good Shepherd to look at options for a more targeted loan program that better meets the needs of Australians and will provide more information soon. Please visit Good Shepherd to find the right loan for you.

Existing customers will continue to be supported by NAB and can continue to repay their loans until final completion. NAB Assist will continue to provide support for customers experiencing hardship and can be contacted on 1800 701 599.

For StepUP Customers

Please contact 13 22 65 if you have any general account enquiries.

We know many of our customers prefer to speak to us in a language other than English. If you’d rather speak to us in another language, we can arrange for an interpreter to help you with your banking enquiries, subject to availability. Our interpreters speak a wide variety of languages, so simply ask your banker about the service when you call.

NAB is committed to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers can continue to better access financial services, including our banking services. To help support this, NAB has created a dedicated customer service line, to better support access for Indigenous Australians, particularly those who live in remote parts of Australia. To access this support line, customers may call the Indigenous Customer Service Line directly on 1800 966 100.

There are no changes to your current StepUP Loan. Interest rate remains at 5.99% p.a. with no fees or charges.

Want more information?

For further resources on Financial Inclusion and Resilience in Australia, please go to our resources library.

If you’d like information on borrowing $5,000 or more, find out whether a NAB Personal Loan is a suitable option.

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