A few key results


500+ people have participated in our African Australian Inclusion Program.

Ongoing Employment

80%+ of program participants found ongoing employment after completing the program.

NAB Employment

50%+ of program alumni are still at NAB.

If you would like to participate in the African Australian Inclusion Program, find out how to apply.

Why is this important?

The hardest thing about finding a job in a new country is lacking local experience. The African Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP) gives participants meaningful work experience in Australia, to help them get over that hurdle. Participants gain exposure to Australian workplace culture, start to build all-important networks, update their CV with local experience and obtain a reference at the end of their placement to help them with job hunting.

What do we do?

Run in partnership with Jesuit Social Services (JSS), the African Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP) runs twice a year to provide six months of paid corporate experience to skilled African Australians.

Participants receive:

  • an entry-level salary
  • cultural awareness training before they commence
  • a mentor from their business unit who will support them in their day to day tasks and duties
  • a coach from outside their team who can help with career goals and be their first corporate network; and
  • a buddy who is an AAIP alumni to support with their transition into the program and NAB.

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