A few key results for 2021

Executive Management

35% of our Executive Management1 are women.

Subsidiary Boards

49% of directors on our Group subsidiary boards are women.


50% of our workforce is female.

Why is this important?

Empowering women and supporting gender equality is an important element of how NAB supports our employees, serves customers well and helps the broader community prosper in an increasingly global marketplace. Underscoring our commitment, NAB is also signed up to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office).

What do we do?

Throughout our businesses, from entry level roles to our executives we are committed to every level having 40% - 60% of either gender represented and reduce our gender pay gap. NAB's current Board approved measurable objectives can be viewed on our Corporate Governance website.

We achieved the 2019-21 Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation and were included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. We are proud to achieve this recognition as a demonstration of our continued drive and commitment to achieving gender equality.

We’re focused on fairness

We are committed to fair and equitable remuneration for all employees that is consistent with our market and performance framework. We actively address barriers to equal pay between men and women. That’s why our gender pay gap continues to decrease.

We’ve also extended our 12 weeks’ paid parental leave to eligible parents at NAB, regardless of gender.

We believe it’s important to recognise the interdependencies at play when it comes to equality. In 2013, we became the first major bank in the country to introduce a domestic and family violence support policy and we recently extended the policy to include reasonable paid leave to any employee supporting a family or immediate household member experiencing domestic and family violence.

In 2017, the UK Government introduced mandatory gender pay equity reporting for all UK-based organisations with more than 250 employees. The full version of the NAB UK Gender Pay Gap Reports are available to view, and the information and analysis included only pertains to the London branch.

Note: Reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic was suspended by the UK Government.

Have an enquiry about our approach to gender equality? Email the recruitment team.

Important information

1Executive Management positions are all employees within the NAB Group’s remuneration bands (also known as Salary Groups) 6 & 7.

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