Key results for 2023

See how we’re working towards gender equity at NAB.

Executive management

37% of our executive management are women.

Subsidiary boards

50% of directors on our Group subsidiary boards are women.


50% of our workforce is female.

Supporting gender equity at work

Empowering women is an important element of how NAB supports our employees, serves customers well and helps the broader community prosper in an increasingly global marketplace. To underscore our commitment, we’re signed up to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles,, opens in new window established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office.

Our commitment to workplace gender equity

We’re committed to reducing the gender pay gap and having a 40% to 60% gender balance throughout our business, including our Board and Subsidiary Boards. You can view our measurable objectives, approved by the Board, on our Corporate Governance website.

We’re focused on fairness

We’re committed to fair and equitable remuneration for all employees, consistent with our market and performance framework. We actively address barriers to equal pay for all genders.

We’ve also extended 16 weeks of paid parental leave to eligible parents at NAB, regardless of gender.

We believe it’s important to recognise the interdependencies at play when it comes to equity. While the NAB pay gap is lower than WGEA’s benchmark for the banking industry at 22.4%, there is much work to do to meet our 2025 target of a less than 10% gender pay gap.

With heightened expectations for every team to implement strategies to support female representation, we have seen some great initiatives being developed, including Private Wealth’s 1500 Degrees Program. 1500 degrees (the melting point of glass) is a nine-month program designed to prepare women for more senior roles. This is achieved through learning, networks and sponsorship opportunities.

UK gender pay gap reports

In 2017, the UK Government introduced mandatory gender pay equity reporting for all UK-based organisations with more than 250 employees. The full version of the NAB UK Gender Pay Gap Reports are available to view. The information and analysis included only pertains to NAB’s London branch.

Note: Reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic was suspended by the UK Government.

Inclusion at NAB

Learn more about how we’re building a more inclusive business for our customers and colleagues. 

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