About Environmental Resilience Grants

Community resilience is inextricably linked to the resilience of the landscapes in which we live. As the environment and climate changes, there is a need for greater innovation in our approaches to cultivating both community and environmental resilience.

NAB Foundation Environmental Resilience Grants support applied projects that build environmental resilience to natural disasters and climate change at scale.

We provide funding for new projects or contribute additional funding to existing projects.

Our approach

The projects or initiatives we support:

  • Represent a proven approach to enhancing environmental resilience and require additional resources to scale and grow impact. This includes nature-based climate solutions and tools, technology, applications and methods for supporting environmental resilience that are, ideally, nationally applicable.
  • Provide tangible on-property and regional risk mitigation benefits and strengthen resilience to natural disasters.
  • May be multifaceted with multiple objectives. While the project may encompass a range of activities and objectives, there is a clear articulation of how the project contributes to environmental resilience.
  • May require primary research to support the project, but research should not represent a major component of the scope.
  • May include collaboration with other organisations and include First Nations perspectives to achieve outcomes.

Grants are made through an Expression of Interest process from invited organisations. As the grant has a refined focus, granting does not occur every year.

Greening Australia and World Wide Fund Australia (WWF-Australia)

NAB Foundation is supporting Greening Australia and World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia’s Climate-ready Restoration partnership to improve the long-term resilience of the Australian environment and help prepare people and nature for a changing climate.

The project allows Greening Australia and WWF-Australia to test and develop nature-based solutions such as green firebreaks – carefully designed, planted areas of lower flammability vegetation that can measurably reduce bushfire risk under certain conditions.

The project involves engagement with First Nations peoples to assess the feasibility of cultural burning and other Indigenous-led land management practices, and a rewilding program to increase landscape resilience and improve species persistence.

Beyond the NAB Foundation funding, NAB has supported this partnership with time and expertise. A team of 13 NAB colleagues have provided a total of 1,040 hours of skilled volunteer time to Greening Australia and WWF-Australia.

Read more about the project here:

Did you know that bettongs are tiny ecosystem engineers?

These little kangaroo-like marsupials are responsible for turning over 2 to 6 tonnes of soil per year.

Climate-ready Restoration

Greening Australia team members are out in the field in a constant seasonal cycle of planning, planting, and monitoring.

Giving back to nature: unlocking scale and speed

Environmental and climate philanthropy in Australia, and worldwide, has enormous potential to help bridge the gap in finance needed to reach net zero.

Interested in other NAB Foundation grants?

NAB Foundation Community Grants provide funding of up to $25,000 for local projects that help communities withstand and recover from natural disasters. Each year, $1 million is awarded with additional funding available for projects with big potential. 

These grants are made across a range of categories, including initiatives that support environments and wildlife. Learn more about NAB Foundation Community Grants.

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