Documents we’re updating

Effective date of change

The updated NAB Commercial Cards Facility Conditions, NAB Commercial Cardholder Conditions, NAB Commercial Cards Electronic Conditions and NAB Rewards Terms and Conditions will take effect:

  • 30 days from when you received notice of the updated terms and conditions; or
  • if you have not yet used your account, upon first use of your card or account.

The updated NAB Qantas Commercial Card Rewards Conditions take effect upon first use of your card or account, but only in relation to customers who:

  • have a NAB Qantas Commercial Card; and
  • as of 3 October 2023 have not yet used their card or account; and
  • use their card or account on or before 3 December 2023.

If you have an existing NAB Qantas Commercial Card and used the card or account before 3 October 2023, these updated terms will not apply to you.

Additional changes are being made to the NAB Qantas Commercial Card Rewards Conditions which take effect from the 4 December 2023. You can read about the upcoming changes at Qantas Business Rewards FAQs.

What changes have been made?

The changes we have made to the terms and conditions include the following:

  • We are confirming that NAB must act reasonably whenever it exercises a discretion it may have.
  • We’re clarifying several terms, including when we may block a card or certain transactions, close your account or reduce your credit or cash advance limit.
  • We’re blocking international gambling transactions where possible and have included a term to allow us to block transactions to risky merchants.
  • If you provide your card details to a merchant participating in an account updater service (for example, when you set up a regular payment from your card such as a monthly subscription or gym membership), we may give the merchant your updated card details when they change.
  • Where your credit card is linked to a NAB Rewards or Qantas Rewards program, we’re clarifying our terms. This includes a commitment for NAB to be fair when we make decisions about redeeming points, returning points or making changes to earn rates.

Please note, the above is only a summary and is not intended to be relied upon as a complete or accurate list of changes made. NAB recommends that you review the updated term and conditions.

Important information