Market leading results

We value the relationships with our clients. Strong relationships help deliver outstanding results for our clients and you can see that success in NAB’s achievements across a range of surveys from Peter Lee Associates. Or speak directly to one of our bankers now.

Our market-leading results in the Peter Lee Associates Survey include:

  • No.1 for Net Promoter Score (NPS)1b
  • = No.1 for Overall Satisfaction1a
  • No.1 Relationship Strength Index for Debt Capital Markets2b
  • No. 1 for Best Advice on Use of Public or Private Placement of Debt in the Domestic Market1a and Offshore Market1b
  • No. 1 Overall Quality of Debt Capital Markets Service2b
  • No. 1 for Creative Debt Raising Ideas2b and Debt Markets Research2a
  • No. 1 for Most Trusted Adviser for IRD3a and FX5b
  • No. 1 for Sales Strength Index for IRD3a and FX5b
  • No. 1 for Understanding and Acting on Derivatives Needs3a
  • No. 1 for Overall Quality of Service and Support for FX5b
  • No. 1 for Relationship Strength Index for Interest Rate Swaps4b and Short Dated Securities4a
  • No.1 for Overall Quality of Service for Interest Rate Swaps4a and Short Dated Securities4a

Put simply, good relationships create the best outcomes. That's why we invest so much in building a deep understanding of corporates and institutions.

Source: Peter Lee Associates Australian Surveys: (1) Large Corporate and Institutional Relationship Banking Survey 2017; (2) Debt Securities Originations Survey 2017; (3) Interest Rate Derivatives Survey 2016; (4) Debt Securities Investors Survey 2016; (5) Foreign Exchange Survey 2016; (a) Ranking against all banks (b) Ranking against the four major domestic banks.

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