Benefits and features

Pass the risk to NAB

  • Full assumption of counterparty risk by NAB, combined with our diligent collateral management, means that we shoulder the risk – not your investors.

Make use of dormant securities

  • Additional returns generated from lending dormant securities mean greater returns for the portfolio and greater returns for your investors.

How it works

  • Loan is initiated between NAB and borrower.
  • Terms are negotiated.
  • NAB receives collateral from the borrower. Assets are held in trust and therefore not available to liquidators.
  • NAB transfers security to borrower.
  • Loan is marked-to-market daily.
  • Borrower returns security to NAB as per agreed terms, or at lender’s request.
  • NAB returns collateral to borrower.
  • Revenue shared between client and NAB.

Asset Servicing

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