Benefits and features

Meet your end-to-end taxation requirements

  • Distribution and detailed tax calculations.
  • GST, BAS and PAYG reporting.
  • Tax calculations for unit pricing and performance measurement.
  • Tax reclaim service.
  • Franking credit & present entitlement reporting.
  • Tax optimisation services.

A seamless, simpler solution

  • We provide tax support for all entity types.
  • We apply appropriate tax treatment for mergers and restructures and support adoption of pension segregation.
  • We support the allocation of taxable income to investors.

Access our expertise when you most need it

  • We work closely with you to enable you to remain compliant with current & emerging tax rules.
  • Our local team is readily accessible to consult on any taxation matters.
  • Our established tax governance framework ensure our policies and offerings are fit for purpose.

How it works

  • We use quality assured transactional data.
  • Our investment accountants review and prepare reporting in line with internal policies and legislation.
  • We deliver agreed tax solutions that meet your needs.

What this means for your members

  • We support you to achieve regulatory compliance, giving peace of mind to your members and investors.
  • Ensuring your taxable income and expenses are accurately reported supports you in keeping your members’ and investors funds’ safe.

Optimising your after tax financial outcome

Our Tax Optimisation Services includes pre and post trade tax analysis solutions to support you in wiping out tax inefficiencies.

Reporting solutions for your accounting needs

Our accounting reporting is capable of meeting your needs regardless of your fund’s complexity.

Meeting your regulatory reporting obligations

Our regulatory reporting provides you with the necessary support to meet reporting and disclosure obligations established by APRA, ASIC and ABS.

Asset Servicing

Visit Asset Servicing for our full range of products and services.

We're ready to help you

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