Benefits and features

Reduce tax leakage in multi-manager arrangements

  • It is now possible for a more beneficial capital gains position to be realised, allowing the entity to select security parcels available in any of the sub-portfolios of the fund.
  • We offer Tax Parcel Optimisation (TPO) – a tax parcel matching methodology at a consolidated or entity level.

Identify the tax impact of your investment decision before you trade

  • Understanding the tax implications of investment decisions prior to executing trades can have a significant impact on the investment outcome for your investors.
  • It is no longer difficult to implement a solution that will allow tax-aware investment to take place.
  • Leveraging our strategic alliance with GBST Holdings Ltd. (GBST), we offer you access to pre-trade tax analysis via an effective tool, GBST’s tax analyser, allowing visibility of tax impacts on a pre-trade basis – thereby empowering tax-aware investing.

Why Tax Optimisation Services

  • Our flexible service allows you to take up pre and post trade tax optimisation service offerings, separately or together.
  • Low impact on your investment management arrangements.
  • Relatively simple to implement and cost effective.
  • Full integration with our wider tax administration & support services.

How it works

Tax Parcel Optimisation

  • Your investment portfolios are enrolled within a TPO group within our post-trade tax solution.
  • This allows ‘tax parcel selection’ to be calculated at the consolidated TPO group level (rather than calculating capital gains separately for each underlying Investment Manager portfolio).
  • TPO therefore reduces any tax inefficiency resulting from the use of multiple investment managers without impacting their activities.

GBST Tax Analyser

  • We conduct a series of transactional and valuation checks and then send your quality assured tax and position data via secure link to our strategic partner GBST.
  • Our team provides up-to-date unrealised tax parcel valuation and transactional data to GBST daily, who then incorporates it within a tax analyser tool to provide pre-trade tax analysis directly to our clients and their investment managers.
  • The investment manager can view the potential capital gains crystallised and loss of franking credits resulting from proposed sale trades.
  • The data that the investment manager can view is limited to their holdings and not the detailed information of the complete fund or other fund managers’ positions.

Meeting your tax obligations

Our tax administration and support services support you in meeting your tax obligations regardless of your funds complexity.

Reporting solutions for your accounting needs

Our accounting reporting is capable of meeting your needs regardless of your fund’s complexity.

Meeting your regulatory reporting obligations

Our regulatory reporting provides you with the necessary support to meet reporting and disclosure obligations established by APRA, ASIC and ABS.

Asset Servicing

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