Benefits and features

Accurate unit prices delivered on time

  • Automated unit pricing calculations through pControl, including asset level validation checks, accrual maintenance, cash-flow processing and rebalancing.
  • Proven track record in providing accurate and on time NAV calculations in reports customised to your needs.
  • Unit prices can be struck at any portfolio level for any period that you decide, including ad hoc price requirements.

Access to local experts

  • Work with Australia’s largest unit pricing team for regular pricing, new portfolio development, restructures and mergers.
  • Our unit pricing team operates within ASIC and APRA’s Unit Pricing Good Practice Guide and other industry association standards (FSC).
  • Our domestic team is at the forefront of unit pricing methodologies and practices, with commitment to the industry spanning 20 years.

What this means for your members

  • Efficient and specialised local operations mean that unit prices can be delivered accurately and on time, providing more responsive processing for your investor transactions.
  • By providing a leading, cost effective unit pricing solution, investor returns can be maximised.
  • Market leading technologies and fully integrated, automated systems provide more accurate pricing, delivering increased equitability and transparency for your investors.

Providing analytics for your investment performance

Our comprehensive performance analytics solution provides you with leading insights into your portfolio performance, supporting your investment decision making process.

Investment risk analytics

Our investment risk service ensures you're aware of the risk impacts of future events.

Reporting solutions for your accounting needs

Our accounting reporting is capable of meeting your needs regardless of your fund’s complexity.

Asset Servicing

Visit Asset Servicing for our full range of products and services.

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