Benefits and features

Appoint a secure Australian bank to keep your assets safe

  • Have confidence in our AA- rating that your assets are being looked after.
  • Access us face to face. We're responsive and work in your time zone, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Leverage our access to markets

  • Gain access to 95% of the world’s equity market capitalisation – improving settlement deadlines, proxy voting timelines, improved corporate actions deadlines.

Access our products and services

  • Gain access to market insights and analytics, designed to support you in your investment objectives and decisions.
  • Access a wide range of innovative products and services, customised to your needs.
  • We provide corporate actions expense and income processing. This involve the notification, collection and processing of capital events, collection of income and attending to other events arising from holding client assets under custody.
  • Corporate governance services are provided for all listed securities in Australia, New Zealand and internationally, including both proxy voting and class action services.

How it works

  • We keep your assets safe, settle securities and cash and manage your corporate action events as per your instructions.
  • We reconcile positions to various sources, and maintain an accurate book of record of your holdings.

Facilitating your changing investment structure new

We offer a comprehensive transition service to ensure you achieve your transition objectives in a timely, cost-effective and risk-controlled manner.

Reporting solutions for your accounting needs

Our accounting reporting is capable of meeting your needs regardless of your fund’s complexity.

Monitoring your investment mandates

Ensure your investment portfolios are compliant with their investment mandate.

We're ready to help you

Peter Hele, Head of Business Development 0410 445 992

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (AEST/AEDT)