Benefits and features

Better financial outcomes for your fund

  • Better priced derivative products as a result of well managed credit risk.
  • Improved access to market liquidity by collateralisation of derivative exposures1.
  • We can optimally deploy your assets to help reduce the need for collateral transformation services and their associated costs, as well as minimising cash drag.

Reduce your administrative burden

  • We provide a single point of contact for all your administrative needs associated with your derivatives.
  • We manage the communication and relationships with your counterparty’s back office.

Reporting to keep you informed

  • Asset Holdings and Valuation Report
  • Asset Settlements Report
  • Daily Exposure Report

We can also provide CSA documentation reports detailing all agreements.

How it works

  • You engage with your chosen counterparties and negotiate the terms of agreement. We are also able to assist with this process.
  • Once we have received the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) master agreement, we will work collaboratively to determine how we operate to best satisfy your needs.
  • We'll manage margin and collateral level requirements and process trades.
  • We'll facilitate ongoing relationship management and communication between all parties.
  • We'll engage with you to resolve any disputes should the need arise.

More information

1 Paul C. Harding, Christian A. Johnson (2002). Mastering collateral management and documentation. ISBN 978-0-273-65924-2. p. 4

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