FX spot

The exchange of currencies in two (business) days' time, at today's agreed rate.
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Currency Protection & Participation Contract

Choose a rate that protects you from exposure to adverse movements beyond this level; at the same time providing you with the opportunity for unlimited participation in favourable movements beyond it.
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Participating Forward

An agreement to set an exchange rate for a specified currency amount for an amount in different currency on the transaction settlement date.
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Forward exchange contract

The exchange of currencies on a future date, at a rate agreed today.
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Vanilla FX Option

​The right (but not a obligation) to buy or sell a specified amount of one currency in exchange for another currency, at a rate agreed when the option is bought (strike rate), on an agreed settlement date.​
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NAB FX Sales and Trading Practices

This letter outlines how NAB will communicate and transact in relation to the execution of FX transactions, expressions of interest in FX transactions and our management of potential or actual conflicts of interest in our FX-related activities. This letter is for our Wholesale clients only.

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NAB General Disclosure Statement

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
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