Eligibility criteria

Fast online conditional approval is subject to eligibility , credit assessment, lending criteria and ID verification. 

You can only apply for this product if: 

  • your business is registered for GST

  • your business has an active ABN

  • your business is an active NAB merchant which has settled merchant transactions into an approved NAB settlement account for at least 12 months

  • your business has at least one active NAB merchant facility

  • your merchant facility settles into a NAB settlement account in the same name

  • you have a business and residential address in Australia

  • you are at least 18 years old and hold an Australian citizenship or permanent residency.

  • our estimate of the minimum card sales settled to your approved NAB settlement account is at least $20,000 per annum and no more than $10,000,000

  • you intend to use the loan only for business purposes. You can't use funds to make payments to the Australian Tax Office

  • you do not currently have an open NAB Flex-Flow Loan

  • you're a sole trader or a company with a sole director or company secretary (trustees are ineligible to apply).

When will the funds  be received?

You'll receive your funds within one business day after we receive your signed contract. Business days are Monday to Friday, excluding weekend and Victorian public holidays.

Fees and charges

The NAB Flex-Flow loan has a one-time loan fee which is added to the loan amount at the inception of the loan and is part of the balance owing for repayment purposes. This fee is not charged on a pro-rata basis and is not refundable.  There are no ongoing fees and charges associated with the loan .

Estimated loan term of the NAB Flex-Flow Loan

The length of time  it will take to repay the total of the initial loan amount and the loan fee is based on:

  • our estimate of the card sales processed to your approved NAB settlement account, and
  • the daily repayment percentage applying to your loan.

Residency status

Business and residential addresses must be in Australia.

Redraws and extra repayments

Redraws aren't available on this loan. You can make extra payments without additional cost.

The security of your financial information

Security is very important to us. We respect your personal information and we'll take every reasonable step to protect it. For more information visit Privacy Consent and Notification.

Customer login details

As your credentials are encrypted and passed to your accounting package software, we don't see your password or store your credentials.

Reapplying in the future if you've been declined

You can apply as many times as you like. However, you should know that each time you complete an application you'll undergo a credit reference check. Multiple credit checks may adversely impact your credit rating.

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