• NAB Connect Mobile is a business banking app that helps you manage your business payments on the go. You can view account balances, transaction history and payment details; and create and authorise payments on your device. It also acts as a mobile token for generating one-time passwords and signing codes.

  • You must be a registered NAB Connect user and registered for a mobile token.

  • No, the NAB Connect Mobile app is free to download and use. Standard NAB Connect fees and charges (PDF, 90KB), opens in new window and carrier fees apply.

  • Yes. NAB Connect Mobile requires internet access so you can view account balances, transaction history and payment details, and create and authorise payments. However, you can generate one-time passwords and signing codes when you’re offline.

  • Call us on 1300 888 413 to deactivate your app and token.

  • Once you’ve set up the app, which includes your mobile token, your physical token will be deactivated. Hold onto it as a back-up.

  • Your code may have expired. You can reset your mobile token to request a new SMS code and QR code by tapping Reset User in the app on the home screen.

  • Download and activate your app. Then login to NAB Connect on your desktop using your 10 digit user ID and your one-time password generated from the ‘Mobile Token’ option in your new app.

Logging in

  • The first time you use NAB Connect Mobile, you’ll be asked for your user ID and PIN. Once set up, you’ll only need to use your PIN to login.

  • Call us on 1300 888 413 for support.

  • To activate your device you will need to setup a PIN. Ensure your PIN is not too easy to guess. Don’t use sequential (1234 or 4321), repeating numbers (1111) or your birthday. That way, you’ll protect your account and ensure your information stays private.

  • You can reset your mobile token if you’ve forgotten your PIN, changed devices or deactivated NAB Connect. Tap Reset User in the app, either on the home screen or under More.


  • Login to the app and go to Register to see all your payments (you can filter payments to see the ones you can authorise). Select one or more payments and tap Authorise.

  • Login to the app and tap on an account from your account summary to see your transactions.

  • In the app, you can only authorise payments that don’t require transaction signing. For payments that do require transaction signing, you can login to NAB Connect on your desktop.

  • Login to the app and go to Pay to enter details. You can create and authorise a transfer in one go.

  • If you're an Android user there is a limitation on the types of payments you can create using the app. Also, you can only transfer funds between your linked accounts using the app, but you can use NAB Connect on your desktop for other payment types.

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