Troubleshooting basics

Check the following:

  • Look for recent outage communications from NAB, there may be an outage in progress.
  • Check your cache and clear the proxy server cache, this may resolve the connection issue.
  • Check your audit logs for errors or messages as they may point out the issue you’re experiencing.
  • The connection might be affected by internal system changes such as an update to financial software package, SSH key, IP (exit point) or software patches. Talk to your technical support team as they may be able to resolve the issue quickly.

Troubleshooting using Telnet query

Run a Telnet query to see if the connection issue is at your end or NAB’s end. When you create the query use the following Telnet query structure: telnet<host name> <port number>

Telnet ‘NO’ response

A ‘NO’ response indicates that the issue is on your end, unless there is a known NAB Direct Link outage. Check your firewall and network settings to ensure the connection is not being blocked. 

Telnet ‘OK’ response

An ‘OK’ response means further investigation is required. For support, email and include the following details:

  • Mailbox ID
  • Date and time the connection was lost  
  • IP address of connection
  • Error message received or screenshots of any error messages
  • Connection log files which display errors.

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