Connection requirements

Your business will need to meet these minimum requirements to connect to NAB Direct Link.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client software

Your SFTP client will need to establish connection via a port to the NAB hosts. 

Refer to the NAB Direct Link Setup Guide that you received when joining NAB Direct Link or contact your business banking representative for a copy.

Secure Socket Shell (SSH) Keys (public and private) 

  • Cipher should be AES 256
  • Configured as RSA/4096
  • MAC should be SHA1/SHA2.

PGP keys (public and private)

  • Cipher should be AES 256
  • Configured as RSA/4096
  • MAC should be SHA1/SHA2
  • Passphrase protected (at least 8 characters long)
  • An expiration date of two years or less is required.

IP address/es (static)

  • Static IP address/es are required for whitelisting.
  • A maximum of four IP addresses can be provided - individual, ranges, or a combination. 
  • Cloud-based packages can provide fixed IP or CIDR range from your end point. 

Operating system requirements

NAB Direct Link supports both Windows and UNIX based SFTP Clients. 

File requirements

  • Files transferred to NAB must be in the ASCII Armor format. 
  • Payment files must meet NAB's documented file format specifications. 

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